Food Myths Debunked

Why our food is safe

Food Myths Debunked

Nearly every day people come upon scary but questionable claims about food in the news and online. After reading these claims day after day people begin to believe things that just aren’t true and begin feeling that all of their food is somehow dangerous and suspect. 

This book reviews what actual scientists do and what science is all about and tells stories about the major discoveries that make out food system the safest and most productive in the world. It debunks the extreme claims of the “food zanies,” and explains what scientists actually know.

 Most chapters start by telling the reader about how the various scientists became interested in science and how they made their discoveries. This book is written for non-scientists, but points out that a simple bit of chemistry is all you need to understand (and debunk) most of the extravagant claims people read every day. Each chapter ends with a list of references, including compressed hyperlinks to the papers you can read on line yourself.


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James Cooper is the author of 18 hard cover books and 1 E-book on science and technology. He was a chemistry professor at Tufts University and spent 25 years in IBM’s Research Division. He has written over 900 columns on food and food science as the Fairfield County Food Examiner. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Ohio State University and an AB from Oberlin College. He is also an avid cook and gardener.

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