Food Myths Debunked

Why our food is safe

List of Chapters
  1. Introduction   
  2. The Two Cultures      
  3. How Science Works  
  4. Sugars
  5. Cornstarch and Corn Syrup   
  6. Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity     
  7. Other Sweeteners       
  8. Food Coloring
  9. Milk    
  10. MSG - The Fifth Flavor         
  11. Fats and oils   
  12. Biodynamic Agriculture        
  13. Organic Farming        
  14. The Business of Organic Food          
  15. Is there any good reason to buy organic?      
  16. Has the Organic Industry Been Fibbing All Along? 
  17. Breeding Plants          
  18. Glyphosate and Similar Herbicides   
  19. Bt Corn and Other Biotechnology Products 
  20. Golden Rice and Canola        
  21. Two Crops that are Ready for Release          
  22. Origins of Opposition to Biotechnology       
  23. Are GMO Producers Covering Up 'just like' Big Tobacco?  
  24. Why can't we farm without chemicals like my grandfather did?
  25. Are Antioxidants Any Good?           
  26. Is fear of BPA all BS?           
  27. About honey and bees           
  28. Gluten free malarkey
  29. Conclusions    

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